Friday, October 17, 2008

Following Suit

This morning I was reading my Reader feeds, a part of my morning routine, and I came across this: (at the best webcomic in existence, in my opinion.)

I thought it fitting enough that I should find that as part of my morning routine that I should follow suit.

1. Wake up.
2. Turn off first alarm.
3. Back to sleep for twenty-nine minutes. Why do I do this? Who knows.
4. Second alarm. This time I have to get up for real.
5. Come upstairs and make breakfast. (Hot Cocoa, toast, an apple, "cornflakes" {codeword for any cereal})
6. Force the boys to eat something. Especially Oskar.
7. Make sure the boys are wearing all the clothes they're supposed to, have everything they need for school, and have brushed their teeth. This is am allerwichtigsten.
8. Eat breakfast myself while cleaning up.
9. Go upstairs and return kids part of the house to order.
10. Go downstairs and do laundry if necessary, and shower, shave, etc.
11. Catch up on the lives of friends around the world.
12. Go out and do whatever it is that I intend to do with myself today, until around two, when the boys come home.

It used to be that step twelve didn't happen until about noon, but nowadays I've cut it down to around ten. Simple tasks like these get much easier the more you do them, I've found. In less pedestrian news, today is Winnie's birthday. He's the oldest, and he's been more than half my age for a year. Do the math, quick! My present to him was to clean up after the cakes he made last night for school today. It wasn't his favorite present, but I know he appreciated it. No pictures today. And no explanations for it. Don't like it? Leave a comment. I love comments.


Rebecca said...

Dear Qtym, in the U.S. you would be called a housewife. Thought you should know...And is Winnie now 12? Math and I are not friends.

Carolyn said...

This is what I have been waiting for. Only with more detail, like what time is first alarm? (I can do that math problem) What else did Winnie get for his birthday? Is cornflakes your code word, or theirs? What is allerwichtigsten? (the word fixer thinks it's allergic) What happens when the boys come home? What happens on weekends?

Carolyn said...

the comic is very funny too

Olga said...

update your blog! i'm all stalked out.