Friday, September 12, 2008

Geneva Airport

Well, I've got 3 hours in Geneva airport before I can get on my flight to Munich. I had thought that 3 hours in Geneva would be nice, but unfortunately, I was wrong. The Swiss have, as of yet, refused to submit to the European masses, and still make use of their Francs. So now I have CHF 15 and a raspberry torte that was supposed to grant me wireless access, along with no desire to spend the other 15. The five CHF coin is kind of neat. Also, why do they not have a symbol that is not CHF? I have yet to see anything but CHF ###.## without any € or ¢ or $ or even ¥. Maybe © or Ħ or ħ would work for them. I don't know; CHF seems to me cumbersome. Some of you may be able to tell that I haven't slept in what is shaping up to be twenty-four hours. Repetition and nonsense are strong indicators of this condition. More to come...

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