Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lady on the Plane

Here I am, somewhere over the middle of the North Atlantic, and I've decided that recording my thoughts is one of the best things that I could do in order to actually feel like my mind is a cohesive place. I've just finished watching the Sex and the City movie. It was that or Speed Racer, and honestly, Sex and the City seemed more interesting. I was right. Good twists, story ok, funny. Campy, but funny. Now I'm half-watching Malcolm in the Middle. It was that or Speed Racer.

I'm finally starting to feel nervous about what my life's going to be for the next year, and that's mostly because I don't know what it'll be, exactly. I know I'll be living with a family in Munich, and helping with the kids. I'm almost certain that I'll be happy, because how could living in Germany with a big, fun family not make me happy? I know I'll miss family and friends (I do already. Sara got hit by a car. How can you not miss that? [She's fine]) The Lady on the Plane wants to know if I want another bag of Fun Mix. I do.


Olga said...

gasp. satc the movie? you liked? i need to tell hannah.

also, how do you get internet on the plane?

Orange Qtym said...

I never said I liked it, I said it was better than Speed Racer.

No internet on the plane. Wrote post on plane, posted later.