Sunday, December 6, 2009

Even More Revelations at 1:46 in Rochester

Now, it's possible this next ramble is related. I've really had it up to here [insert hand motion, moving hand to just above nostrils, here] with people not taking responsibility for their surroundings. I just had a conversation that dredged up (you're welcome, citizens of the Hudson Valley) some sentiments from Hurricane Katrina's day in the sun. Now I know, saying this kind of thing will get me called heartless, and then so be it. I don't like being told that we have to help people. Not when they decide to live in a place prone to hurricanes, at the end of one of the most powerful rivers in the world, below sea level and with a poor levy system, and not ever. I don't mean don't help people. Duh. If it makes you feel good to make someone else's life better, or to extend it, then what are you doing reading this? Get out there and do it, in any way possible. But don't tell me we have a moral, societal responsibility. Not everyone does it, and no one goes to their houses with pitchforks and torches. We still let them play civilisation, just like everyone else.

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