Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now Even More Revelations at 1:46 in Rochester

And that's another thing. Civilisation is over-rated. I was thinking about laws, and how I don't believe we need them. First argument I get is this: what about murder, are you just going to allow people to get killed? So I thought about it. That's the first law we have, probably in any society: Thou Shalt Not Kill! But wait, no, that wasn't it. The first law was this: Don't kill or hurt your allies/friends, or your other allies/friends won't be your allies/friends any more. But then, no one ever needed anyone to tell them that rule, did they? Seems kinda obvious, doesn't it? Those were cut-throat times, so not-ally/friend meant enemy. But now we're all supposed to be friends and allies, so it just became "don't kill people." So we cultivate that a little bit, and it becomes "don't stop other people from doing what they want," be it stay awake and write crazy rants or just be alive. Pursuit of happiness and all that jive. And then you have a court to decide if what someone wanted was to stand in the way of someone else's pursuit. And you make another court to deal with people who have disagreements over an agreement they had. These were my thoughts, as they came to me, and then I realized something; I had a revelation. We have this system I made up; it's what we developed as a "society." And it came about just the way I imagined it. All things out of chaos, anarchy. So it's really ok if things aren't just right, and if people are forced to help other people, and anything that happens, because they are the direct result of my ideal. Not the only result, mind you, but that makes it even better, because it's what we chose. We are reaping what we have sown (whether anyone's going to take responsibility or not), and I'm alright with that. I'm going to try and push it in a direction I like whenever I can, and you should all do the same. Now get out there and push!

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